Here, hold my beer....
Around here, that is the joke for what precedes an act of dumbassery or stupidity. I'm sure where you are, there is something similar, if not identical. Anyway, Austin sis is an ER nurse. And so, I hear some stories, some good, some bad. Somehow, I honestly don't know how, we got on the subject of poisonous snake bites. Central Texas has all four kinds native to the US, so she has seen some snakebites come in. Blew my mind what the cost of the treatment was.

Well, take a minute and see if you can guess the three factors that all of the snakebite cases her ER has seen. I'll give you a minute....

Back? Good, let's see how you did...
1. Male
2. Between 18 and 24
3. alcohol involved

How'd you do?

I also have a friend who is a police officer who told me his favorite story of snakebite. 2 brothers come in, both with multiple bites. Several bites on their hands, arms and their faces! Turns out they were playing catch with a copperhead they had found!!!!!!!! Let's go through the checklist; male, 20 and 24, and both drunk. Ding! We have a couple of winners!

I have done some stupid things in my life, will not lie. However; I can categorically say I have not done anything THAT stupid. Next time you hear Hold my Beer? Run!!!!!

Welcome to Texas
With good, you get bad, and sometimes vice versa. Here, we have only had a cumulative week and a half of cold days all winter so far. Which is nice when you want to go do things, but bad because the weather here changes so much and so fast. One day 40, next 80, next 23, next 77 degrees. No wonder everyone around here gets sick this time of year. Oof. My sinuses are killing me!

Welcoming new things in my life. Trying to be more out there and more open. We shall see.

Luck to y'all!

Boo! I AM alive
Contrary to popular belief or even desire in some quarters, I am alive. Kicking even.

Getting out and about a little more lately, just as the weather decides to get cold. Very cold. For here anyway. One of the colder winters I remember in Houston. Multiple days in a row of sub freezing. Anywhere else would not be a problem, but people here truly have no idea how to deal with it. Witnessed a nasty wreck when some idiot in a jacked up Silverado decided to drive fast on the ice. Thank goodness the cop car stopped him running into the wall.

In other news I am looking for a new car. Well, new to me, anyway. Got rear ended and it basically ended the utility of my Explorer. Without the capability of opening the back door or back window, I just drive a car that I cant get to anything in. So, looking for something else.

Working in a warehouse can be interesting. Especially in the nasty weather because the warehouse is climate controlled. My gloves are my new best friends.

What is going on your neck of the woods?

Rainy, Rainy Day
Hello All. All 2 of you that might read this. Yes, kidding.
I could post more, as someone pushed me to do, but I am not always sure that I have anything worth saying. Or it just doesn't seem worth putting out there. Yes, I know.

Well, here goes for the nonce.

It finally happened. I don't know how, but I lived to see 40. I don't know if I can convey how much I am shocked I made it, but I am. Not complaining at all, just surprised. I had so many health problems as a kid and nearly died a few different times that it still seems a little unreal. That, and the fact that I don't feel any different. Still the same me, just a little less hair and a little more crabby.

Still working. Same place for over a year, so yay on that. I'm also helping rehab another house off I-10 in Houston. We ripped out a wall to make it an open concept house, so I got to learn some neat engineering on how to put up a beam to take all the weight and not have it crash down on my head or have the house collapse. Which would be very bad things. So, I get to paint a house and re roof it, both things I have done before. Neither of which is hard, just tedious. So, not done yet, but soon. I joke it's good practice for when I get a house of my own, which should be about never....

In the garage of this house was a 73 Lotus Elan. Former owner still hasn't decided if he wants to keep it or not, so I may have another project car. This car is in rough, rough shape, so not sure if it's worth it or not. So, of course, my friends are trying to get me to get it so they can help restore it using my money! The car is so low, I almost have to limbo to get in it. And the pedals are so close together they obviously were not built for someone with size 12 feet.

Have been keeping busy, some good, some bad. Some dating, which may be good, I am not sure yet. Half laugh. Active in trivia leagues around here and I auditioned for Jeopardy. Have not heard back, so we will see. Doing some photography for some friends and some cooking out for barbecues. It helps to be a generalist at times, I guess.

Going camping more often, which I always enjoy. Starting to get cooler around here so I can actually enjoy going outside! 90 plus temps and 90% humidity does not make for a pleasant campout. Though I do think it funny how often I camped as a kid and Boy Scout. I guess you truly do not remember the bad things as a kid!

Waiting to get my passport back so I can visit my dad in Canada. I better visit now before he gets reassigned somewhere I don't want to go.

Nephews and nieces are doing very well, all growing insanely fast. 10 year old nephew is already 5'1. Holy Crap! And I will have a new niece come early next year.

Raining like hell out right now, which made it the perfect opportunity to post. Our drought is still on, but it's not near as bad as it has been because we have actually received some rain!

What is new with all of you? Or is there anything new? Let's catch up. No promising to be on all the time, but I will try a little more often.

Hello all. Thanks for the nudge? What has been going on here? Hmm... Working 2 jobs. Get home at 8 or so every night, up at 6. Not sleeping, not that I ever did much. New car, well for me anyway. Had to put a cat down, the one we had when Jax came home, so many, many tears were shed. New kitten, who is not scared of 80 lb dogs but frightens the other cat, who should know better. Dallas Sis and Austin Sis are moving. Marlin Sis is not and will not be for a while. If I had a better job offer elsewhere, I might move.... Restoring the Mach as we speak, trying to find a new fuseblock. Been babysitting for nieces and nephews, which I do not mind at all. I'm still the living jungle gym.
Driving faster than I probably should. But, we all have to have one vice.
What have y'all been up to?

(no subject)
Yep. 80 degrees out today. Welcome to Christmas time in Houston. Supposed to get down tonight, down to the 50's Yes, it's hard at times.
Yes, that was tongue firmly in cheek. Wouldn't mind a little cooler, but none of your harsh winter stuff. People down here don't know how to react to cold weather and bad winter conditions. Seriously don't know how. So, wish us luck if that happens.
Family driving down, so we will have a full house again for a little while. Should be fun. What are all y'alls plans?

I was having a good dream. A very good dream. Going 90 or nothing. And then, red and blue lights appeared as the cops pulled me over. In my dream. In my bed. What does that say about my dreams? I wonder what my state of mind was that I dreamed that...

Watching Lord of the Rings with the nephew. He's entranced. It's cool to watch it through his eyes.

Good day. Always nice when that happens. Doesn't happen nearly enough...

The Most Reverend
I highly recommend The Reverend Horton Heat for all your Rockabilly needs. This has been a PSA.

What else is going on?

What I Did Over My Weekend
Helped out with a bbq fundraiser for some friends. Their parents helped teach me in pre-school when I lived in Bahrain, and I babysat them when they were children, both here and in England, so it's safe to say we go way back. It was a good time. Lots of food, over 30 pounds of brisket and 4 fried turkeys. Plus carnitas and lots of beer.
Turnout wasn't as big as we had hoped, but still respectable. Got in almost 3k. Not bad for about 50 people or so. Quite a few waves of people showing up, all the way up til 2 am. Helped with the cooking and monitoring of the drunks. Semi kidding. Only two people drank too much, but they were quiet ones on the whole, so we got them to the hammock and left them alone til they sobered up. If you left hungry, it was your own damn fault, because there was soo much. I will be having leftovers til Wednesday. Which is fine by me because I love bbq. I just wish they would let me bring beer to work because that goes well with brisket.
Anyway, we had most people leave around 2 am or so. So, we start to clean up, not too bad a task, when another group shows up. 10 or so people who had just got off work at one of the restaurants nearby. So, we start getting their donations and getting them food and drinks when 5 people show up out of nowhere, wondering what the music is for. No one knows who they are. They sit down next to the house and start drinking what they had in their pockets. All of them had flasks! Anyway, they integrated well with the waiters and waitresses, and a couple of them started making out with each other. Talk about a surreal couple of minutes. Got everyone out about 4:30 or so when the rain started. I was seriously wondering if I would be able to stay awake in my chair. It was comfy and I was so full of food and beer. Got everyone out and I didn't even need to be Bouncer Matt! It was a good time. Sad part is I only slept til 10 am, so I am tired! Oh well, off to bed! Night and good or bad dreams depending how you see them!

Self Defense
Taught a self defense course this weekend. Just some friends of friends who wanted some tips and tricks and some knowledge. I am not a full time trainer, but I can approach it from a different perspective, find out what they need to know and tailor an approach to them that meets their criteria. It was interesting. Six people, 5 girls, one guy. Just went over basics for them. Went well, I think. A couple of them seemed to think that because they were talking to someone about it, it made them a bad person. My thought to them was, if they don't ever need this, wonderful! But, if they do, they have the knowledge. What they do with it is up to them. And it is up to them if they choose to use it. Had them say they would recommend me to some other people, so I may be doing more in the future. I hope it helps with a couple of them.


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